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One login, but hundreds of LMS integrations to create customized courses that support your way of teaching.


How we help universities

Free Covid-19 resources and remote learning tips.


Connect teachers and students in itslearning. Integrated with the best third-party tools for universities.


Create effective plans for your courses. Share and reuse content effectively to motivate students.


Boost collaboration with messaging, self and peer assessment while leveraging competencies.

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What is hybrid learning?

Our free handbook contains guidelines and tips from educators who have successfully implemented hybrid learning.

Remote Learning Kit

Schools are continuing with remote learning due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can use this kit to help ensure learning continues.

Live Online Demo

In just 15 minutes learn what an LMS / VLE is and how it can benefit teachers and students at your institution.

Thursday, 30 SEP 2021, 10:00 UK | 11:00 CET

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Why universities love itslearning

Photo of Stina Haasse, Project Manager, Stockholm University

“Bahçeşehir University has been using itslearning for almost 10 years. During the pandemic we needed it more than ever. It’s been our hub for teaching, communication, assessment & evaluation & more.”

Gökay Hamdi Şenel

Educational Technologist, Bahçeşehir University Global Online (BAUGO)

Photo of Stina Haasse, Project Manager, Stockholm University

“When we chose itslearning, our goal was to find an LMS that provided a hub for users to find what they need, a unified look & feel, and seamless integration with other learning tools. itslearning is the beginning and end of the learning journey at KP.”

Lasse Højer-Pedersen

IT Project Leader, University College Copenhagen (KP)

Photo of Stina Haasse, Project Manager, Stockholm University

“Not surprising to us, itslearning allows for many diverse kinds of student input and it provides great opportunities for student-teacher interaction. It’s also very intuitive when designing courses.”

Sara Kvist

Specialist Consultant, University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Photo of Stina Haasse, Project Manager, Stockholm University

"itslearning and Stockholm University have established a close collaboration in the technical, product, project management and support aspects of the implementation across our faculties and departments."

Stina Haasse

Project Manager, Stockholm University, Sweden​​

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