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A Learning Centric Approach to using technology in Higher Education

Discover why itslearning is at the heart of education.


Connect & Improve Educational Processes in your University

Plan – Plan courses, lessons, and IEP’s in alignment with curricula. Individually or collaboratively.

Engage – Engage learners with resources and apps best suited to their learning styles.

Teach – Teach using your preferred strategies while enjoying optimised workflows for assignments, assessments, and grading.

Assess – Assess mastery against locally/regionally prescribed objectives.

Reflect – Reflect on teaching and learning efficacy with peer reviews and portfolios.

Report – Report on outcomes, course effectiveness, and your university performance.


The itslearning Learning Platform (LMS) gives you countless ways to create engaging courses and resources, makes collaboration and sharing materials easy, and automates routine tasks — so lecturers can focus on their students, students can focus on their work, and administrators can focus on more important things.

In short, it’s everything you need in one awesome online space.

Improve Cost Efficiency

Introducing eLearning hours

Using a learning platform reduces costs and saves time. Typically, students would study only within a classroom environment; but by using itslearning, universities can introduce online learning hours where students learn either from home or independently within the university. This frees up classrooms, learning resources and tutors.

Read how Bahçeşehir University integrated digital content into a learning platform for courses with over 1,000 students.

Meet Student Expectations of Technology

Today’s learners see their educational futures built around technology. Devices such as smartphones and tablets have become ever-present in day-to-day life, with students eager to incorporate these tools into their learning with the expectation of being able to access their learning materials whenever and wherever. With itslearning, there are no barriers to teaching and learning — lecturers and students can access materials 24/7 on any device.

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Raise Student Outcomes

Let students take ownership

Enable students to learn new content at their own pace and ‘replay’ lessons, coursework, and assessments as needed. itslearning turns the physical classroom into a collaborative learning space where students create content, share ownership of learning, and reinforce knowledge through activity, discussion and application.

itslearning’s collaboration with the University of the State of Sonora in Mexico has helped to double their enrolment by utilising a blended learning environment. Read more here.

Extend the Catchment Area & Open up New Markets

Be flexible

Attract more students by offering flexibility. In today’s world, learning is no longer 9am to 5pm. By offering online learning, it eliminates the traditional “catchment area” and allows students to take control of their own learning — enabling them to study when it suits them.

Increase Retention Rates

Meeting the needs of the individual

The ability to easily monitor the progress of students leads to increased retention rates. Track which students are completing their work on time. Those that aren’t can be easily identified and appropriate action can be taken in a timely manner.