Our roadmap is an open statement of direction; a guide to where we are prioritizing our efforts. Our focus is to ensure the enhancements are what our customers need and that they are rolled out in the best way possible. However, we may change our plans as better ways to meet customer expectations arise.

In Development

Projects that we are currently working on.

Show Workload in Calendar

Students can keep track of tasks in the calendar. This will give students a better understanding of the tasks they have and when they are due.

Day view in Calendar

A whole week calendar view can be useful, but overwhelming. We want to add an accessible day view to really focus on what is happening today.

Improve User View of Notifications

Help students and teachers keep up to date with more effective notifications. See all notifications in an accessible, slide in panel.

Enhanced “play plan” for students

Students can easily navigate between resources in a plan, can see how much progress they have made and know what plans they have completed.

Planner & calendar integration

We will embed the new planner fully into calendar. Teachers will be able to create calendar events from the planner.

Deeper Analysis of Questions

Advanced analysis of question quality, based on difficulty and discrimination determined by student responses.

Feature Parity with Test 2

All question types and functionality from the old tool will be in the new tool, together will all new features such as better accessibility and use on mobile. We plan that from back to school 2022 the new test tool will take over from the old tool. Teachers will still be able to access tests in the old tool.

Libre Office instead of Office for the web

Allow customers to use the hosted Collabora Online (Libre Office) office suite instead of Microsoft’s Office for the web or G Suite.

Allow to share content within “States”

Where large customers have split their schools into different itslearning sites, such as in Germany. We will make it possible that these sites can be grouped into a sharing group for items in library. This will allow teachers to share content with their school, with all schools in their site, with schools in sites in the same geographic area, or with all itslearning customers.

Improve Tablet User Experience

Ensure key itslearning web workflows work well on mobile browsers in tablets. Teachers and students who use tablet will see better workflow.

New planner replaces old planner

All teachers can try the new planner today. For back to school 2022 the new planner will have all the old planner features plus much more.

Update O365 Mail integration

Allow admin to set up the Outlook integration of their Microsoft 365 tenant using an Azure enterprise app.

Download resources from course

Provide course export that focused on students downloading lecture notes, support materials, etc. E.g. uploaded documents, pages, notes, files, folders.

Ongoing Cycle of Improvements

We take the best suggestions from our ideas portal and directly user feedback to improve itslearning. Look for these changes in the release notes.

MS Teams Integration

Each itslearning course will be reflected as a MS Team. Stay up-to date with the latest changes and current tasks and plans from courses. This allows teachers to use the power of Microsoft Teams together with itslearning.

LTI 1.3 Core and LTI Advantage

Allow 3rd party tools to communicate with the platform using the LTI 1.3 specification.

Allow to share content within large customers using multiple sites.

Utilize the LTI Advantage extensions to allow the return of progress, deep linking into content and passing allow rostering information to 3rd party tools.

Parent App

Parent app in pilot in Norway. We want to release world wide in Q1, 2022.

Accessibility and technical framework

Ongoing project through 2022 to improve overall accessibility and improve the navigation and flow. Remove iFrames to allow for deep linking into itslearning.

Enhance overall UI performance

Improve loading experience, optimise pages and improve overall user interface performance.

Better assessment workflow

Quicker manual assessment with many students/questions, and option to assess by question.

In Research

Projects that are under consideration.


More options for deleting and managing messages. Plus other improvements to instant messaging system.

Better overview across plans

Give teachers a bird-eye view on their plans and plan content. Allow them to edit multiple plans at the same time.


Easier for teacher to collaborate and create common plans, easier for teachers to share same plan, time-saving for teachers.

Better assessment workflow

Quicker manual assessment with many students/questions, and option to assess by question.

Export of full responses

Supporting export to external archive of exam responses.

Improve empty state of plan images

Add dynamic placeholder images that are based on the topic colour/theme.

Grouped questions

Let multiple questions “belong” to the same introduction text and be displayed in sequence.

Better reports in test tool

More detailed insight into student and question performance.

Review automatic log-out options

Address issues where some users get annoyed by being logged out too often, while still ensuring good security.

Support expected browser behaviour

Make itslearning easier to navigate, consistent use of browser back-button and reload. Pages have unique titles and are “shareable” via URL

Connect MS accounts

Organisations can automatically connect the itslearning and Microsoft accounts of users. Microsoft integrations work out-of-the box for users.

Extension library

Make it easier for schools and customers to select 3rd party tools and add them to itslearning.

Future Updates

Areas of investigation for future development

Differentiated planning

Teachers to assign a plan to specific students/groups. Differentiate within a plan by using “assign to” in the specific resource/activity.

Notification Control Centre

We want to steam line the number and type of notification and give users more control over these.

Easier Content Differentiation

Allow teachers to assign work to individuals or groups in a consistent way across all our learning tools.

Revamp design language

Long-term goal to make itslearning easier and more pleasant to use by modernising and simplifying our user interface, information architecture and navigation

New authoring tool

Empower teachers to create beautiful and engaging learning material with new tool to replace the current Note and Page tools. We will keep all existing content for teachers. This development is focused on making it easier to create content.

Improved course layout

Simplify the global and course navigation across itslearning. Improved menu gives easy access to core features without distracting from your primary goal. This will Speed up navigation and reduce “cognitive load” on users.

Week plan

Teachers want to create a week plan across courses in itslearning, so that students and parents will know their homework

Easier ways to visually differentiate plans

Teachers will have more options to add and find plan images and a better nicer way of showing plans without plan images.

More options for publishers content in plans

Teachers want to use and edit content from publishers, so that they don’t need to create all plans themselves. We are looking at the best ways to automatically add content; while allowing teachers flexibility and control of the delivery.

Refactor Parent App into Main App

Move Parent App into main app with messaging and international WCAG mobile accessibility standards. One itslearning app for students, parents and teachers.

One test tool (migrate and discontinue)

Final migration of old tests to the new tool. Gradual discontinuation of old tool.

Better Use of Progress Data to Trigger Actions

This feature will set watches on student progress and achievements. It will notify educators if students require help. Teachers can control the frequency and the type of notification. Teachers can set trigger points based on student progress, activity or grades. Teachers can immediately contact students who require assistance. Saves time – no need to review reports.

Send to itslearning

Teachers and student can work in productivity tools like Google or camera roll and send to itslearning. E.g. to a plan or to answer an assignment.

Better Mobile Notifications

Users want to have control over how many are sent and for what purpose.

Design system/components library

Long term project to empower our teams to craft usable, beautiful, and accessible user interfaces.

Better support self-paced plans

Show plan cards as “Current” and “past” for courses not using dates. powerful way to organise their lessons and even create self-paced courses.

Attendance Tool for Large Courses

Improve the UX when working with more than 100 students.

Method/Content import

Create a course based on the outline of a publisher’s methods imported via IMS Thin Common Cartridge, with LTI 1.3 deep links to content items.

Content IdP

Support the authentication protocols used by publishers to check if a user has access to their content.

New itslearning App

Refactored main app, built from the ground up with modern UX, streamlined app workflow, better off-line support, meets international WCAG mobile accessibility standards.


Our roadmap is an open statement of direction; a guide to where we are prioritizing our efforts. Our focus is to ensure the enhancements are what our customers need and that they are rolled out in the best way possible. However, we may change our plans as better ways to meet customer expectations arise.

In Research

In Development


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