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Engage young minds with itslearning

The itslearning LMS provides so many ways for teachers to create engaging lessons, motivate students and communicate with parents.


How we help schools

Free Covid-19 resources and remote learning tips.


Build positive student-teacher relationships. With immediate feedback and digital high fives.


Communication is key to student success. Stay in touch with learners and get their parents involved, too.


Encourage group work and share strategies. It’s easy when you have free templates and course resources.

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Why teachers love itslearning

Stacey Brewer

“We came up with a three-word vision: ‘it’s on itslearning’. We want to make itslearning the centralized space for resources. From the Plans tool to the Gradebook, everything starts and ends in itslearning”.

Jacob Rosch

Head of Educational Technology, Collège du Léman International School

Stacey Brewer

itslearning enables us to differentiate our instruction even more by using learning analytics to improve curriculum and content management – as well as to make more informed decisions.

Stacey Brewer

Chief Executive Officer, SPARK Schools, South Africa​​

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