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Blended learning
best practices

Blended learning,
the new normal
Blended learning, the new normal

How do you plan to reopen for the new school year after the lockdown?

How do you plan to reopen for the new school year after the lockdown?

Combining face-to-face and online learning
for the best student outcomes

With the right tools, training, resources and LMS partner you can ‘address and mitigate learning loss’, ‘boost student engagement’ and ‘support teachers and students’. See what education experts are saying about planning for a blended learning program.

5 strategies for blended learning

Focus on lesson design and learning goals.

Digital learning is now a ‘critical resource’ for educators. itslearning Customer Success Manager Rachel Riggio and Brenny Kummer from Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation discuss lessons learned from remote learning and useful tools for teachers to successfully plan for blended or hybrid learning.

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“I am a teacher and the mother of a student who learns online. I see itslearning as an important tool that supports my daughter’s learning.”

Clori Rose-Geiger M.A.

Teacher at South Forsyth High School

eLearning Best Practices

Taking learning online

In this 4-part series, itslearning Product Owner Bart van Kimmenade will demonstrate best practices in creating a blended learning program, starting with ‘Taking learning online’ – how to gather your resources and plan an effective blended learning protocol.

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Structure and present content

Use Plans to provide context, structure and present content in a sequence so that students can easily follow lessons and know where to find resources.

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Keeping track
of student progress

When you don’t see your students daily, it can be hard to know how engaged they are with their courses. In this video, we show you the various ways you can monitor student progress and keep them motivated.

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Maintaining contact

Working from home can be lonely. Students miss their friends and teachers. But with our messaging, mobile app, 360° reports and other tools, you can easily encourage collaboration and staying in contact.

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Remote Learning:
4 steps to success

Tips and insights from teachers and schools that have implemented online learning due to various reasons. Learn how they manage to ensure that learning continues during school closures.

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More resources for teachers

Plans in itslearning is a great tool for creating a central hub for regular lessons. We recommend you start here and add on.

Using Pages in Plans to help students navigate a course

Aimée Skidmore teaches at the Collège du Léman International School. In this short video, she shares tips on how she uses itslearning to ensure students are keeping up with lessons and staying well. Teachers from the school also shared how they use Plans for both lessons and PE classes.

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