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Data and Privacy Policy

itslearning is committed to keeping your data safe. This policy describes why we process and how we protect personal data.

Why we process personal data

Like most companies, we process personal data for a number of reasons as listed below. 

Marketing and Sales
To market and sell our products, to develop customer relationships, and to work with partner organisations.
To provide our customers with support, to gather feedback and respond to questions from users or the general public.
Demo sites
To demonstrate our offerings and capabilities by letting potential customers demo our products.
Developer portal
To manage 3rd party developers that have registered for our development portal.
User panel
To recruit users for interviews and usability tests via our user panel.
Ideas portal
To gather and organize ideas from our user base on the Ideas portal.
To assess and recruit candidates for open positions at the company.

While you are on our site, we will collect and store information about you in accordance with this Policy and our Cookie Policy. Our Cookie Policy requires that you opt in to access our webpages.


Lawful reason for processing personal data

Depending on the purpose, itslearning relies on several lawful reasons for processing personal data.

  • Consent – Your freely given, explicit and unambiguous consent. Example: You sign up for a newsletter.
  • Contract – A legal contract between us and another organization. Example: Our customer contracts.
  • Legitimate interest – When we have a significant interest and necessity in processing your personal data, and the impact on you is negligible. Example: You visit our web-pages.
  • Lawful reason – Law might require us to process personal data. Example: Accounting regulations.

For each detailed description of our purposes, you will find reference to which lawful reason we base processing on.


Your rights when we process personal data

If you are located in the EU/EEA you have legal rights related to how we process your personal data. The rights can depend on our reason for processing personal data.

  • Right to access. This includes asking us for a copy of your personal data.
  • Right to rectification. You have the right to ask us to correct erroneous personal information.
  • Right to erasure. You have a right to ask us to delete your data.
  • Right to restrict processing. You have a right to ask us to restrict processing of your data.
  • Right to object. You have a right to object to processing that is happening
  • Right to data portability. You have a right to ask for your data to be transferred to another organization.

In some cases, these rights are subject to certain conditions and limitations. If you would like to learn more about these rights, please contact our Data Protection Officer, whose contact details are listed at the bottom of this document.

You have a right to contact us and ask for your rights to be executed. We are obliged to answer your request within 30 days. If we deem a request to not be valid, you have a right to complain to the supervising authority in the country of your residence.

If you want to exercise any of these rights, you can do so via different ways as follows:

All requests to itslearning related to data privacy will be processed within 30 days.


Information on this page is related to situations where itslearning processes data independently as a data controller. It does not apply to our customer systems and policies (itslearning, Fronter, Skoleintra). If you use any one of our products and want to read more about how we deal with data privacy, please see our user policy.

Controller’s contact details

Unless otherwise stated, the controller for the processing of personal data is:

itslearning AS and its subsidiaries

itslearning AS
Edvard Griegs vei 1
5059 Bergen Norway

Phone: +47 55 23 60 70

Data Protection Officer

Updated June 2020
Riikka Turunen
Sanoma Media Finland Oy
PL 18, 00089 Sanoma, Finland
Phone: +35 89 122 4791
Communication must be in English.

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