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itslearning Jul 3, 20241 min read

itslearning-2024.5.5 released product updates

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Search on username

System administrators can now allow users on their site to search on username. Especially in big organisation this can be useful when multiple users have the same first and last name.

Searching on username can be enabled under Admin>Edit global settings>Features and security with the setting 'Allow to search on username' in the Privacy section. Be aware that this applies to all roles, including students.

When enabled, all users on the site are able to use the username to find users in common places, such as Messaging, the Participants page and Your students. Note that this is limited to places that use the PersonIndex for search. After the setting is enabled, it can take up to an hour before the username is added to this index for all users.

Since this enabling this setting should be a conscious choice by the customer, it will always be disabled by default for new sites, even if the setting is enabled in the template site.



Topic tab in table view

We have introduced a second tab for showing topic information in the table view. By default we show name of the topic and plans added to the specific topic. If teachers have added extra topics fields in the plan setting page, like "description" or "learning objectives" they will also be listed. 

In this view teachers can create new topics, edit topic name, as well as copy and delete a topic. You can also open a plan within a topic to see detailed plan information.  

Released fixes in itslearning-2024.5.5

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Fixed an issue with ordering of plan resources in the play plan elements list (side menu).


After adding a registration and setting a deadline. The deadline would sometimes not show on the registration overview page.


The IMS-ES "readAllPersons" method can now be disabled in the integration configuration.