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itslearning May 7, 2024< 1 min read

Webinar | Facing the Challenges in Education: EMPOWER YOUR TEACHERS!

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In this discussion, we'll dive into empowering school leaders to utilise the strength and opportunities in blended methods.

This webinar is tailored for school leaders seeking insights into how blended methods can cater to diverse learning needs, while fostering understanding and engagement.




Beathe Kathrine Moe

Beathe Kathrine Moe is a dedicated educator with a passion for learning and ED-tech. Based in Bergen, Norway, where she combines being a teacher in Bergen kommune and her role as Customer Engagement Specialist in itslearning. With over 18 years as a teacher Beathe brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as a teacher and pedagogue in itslearning.

Morten Fahlvik

Join Morten Fahlvik, a pedagogical expert from Sanoma Learning, as he shares his expertise in blended learning and educational technology. With a rich background in advising and a passion for innovative teaching methods, Morten has been at the forefront of integrating digital solutions into effective educational practices. His work empowers educators to navigate the evolving landscape of learning, making him an inspiring guide for any educational journey.