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Image featuring chatbots and other icons suggesting AI assistance
Simone Dissing Jun 27, 20232 min read

ChatGPT, AI and itslearning

Translation generated by an AI translation service

The other night, my partner and I were sitting on the couch, having just finished our Netflix series. As you've probably felt, there's often a sense of emptiness when a really good and exciting series is over. After a brief moment of silence, the question comes. "Do you know Chat GPT?". My answer: "Yes, honey - I work with Tech, so I'm familiar with it". My girlfriend is an intensive care nurse and is now studying to become a nurse anesthetist, and tech is not her strong point. She then asks: "Well, can you just use Chat GPT to answer my exam papers, for example?": To which my answer was, "Yes, in principle it can". Curiosity got the better of both of us, and we went in together to ask chatGPT, and we quickly clarified whether it was actually possible. It was.

We both sat back and looked at each other and just thought, shit man. In a matter of seconds, the bot had developed an exam question and then answered it. She double-checked the questions and the answer from a professional perspective, and we just had to conclude that the answers were correct. It's crazy. And it is! It's MEGA crazy. I think pretty much all of us think so. What could the development of technology not end up with?

Artificial intelligence is, of course, a hot topic at the moment, and the use of Chat GPT is helping to shape a culture of change and broaden the civilian perspective on AI and its application.

Using chat GPT and similar generative AI systems

At itslearning, we are currently reflecting, developing and re-thinking how we can use this technology in a safe and secure way. Our Product Manager Steven Threadgold says the following about this:

"We're looking at the use of generative AI in our LMS, which initially focused solely on helping teachers create content and speed up assignments. A specific example of this is creating questions in surveys based on a short suggestion from the teacher. Although we use generative AI, we want teachers to always be the final "editor" and "authorizer" of all generated content before it reaches students. On our development sites, we have tested AI, including Chat GPT for this purpose. However, until we are fully confident in the AI providers' use of teacher/student data, their compliance with the principles of GDPR and support for data protection, we will not release these to customers."

Steven Threadgold, Product Manager, itslearning


Technology should be used where it can benefit, help and make sense. Chat GPT and AI is happening for us, and we want this technology inside our LMS too. It just needs to be in a safe and controlled environment.