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Stina Boge Aug 11, 20233 min read

Streamlining Education: How an LMS Can Save Educators Time

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In today's fast-paced educational landscape, teachers are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance productivity and optimise their time. Enter Learning Management Systems (LMS), powerful digital platforms that revolutionise the way educators plan, deliver, and manage their courses. In this blog post, we will explore how utilising an LMS, particularly itslearning, can save educators valuable time, enabling them to focus on what matters most: facilitating effective learning experiences for their students. Are you curious to learn more about how itslearning could help your institution? Fill in the form at the bottom of this article.


Simplified Course Organisation

With itslearning, educators can wave goodbye to cumbersome folders and manual work. By centralising all course materials and resources in a digital format, an LMS minimises the time spent searching for or reproducing instructional materials. Educators can effortlessly organise their curriculum, lesson plans, handouts, presentations, and multimedia resources within a few clicks, ensuring quick access when needed.

The itslearning planner is a great tool to help you create a course structure allowing both educators and students to keep track of plans, tasks, and students' progress. Educators can easily repurpose plans and content, which saves a considerable amount of time in course planning.

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Efficient Content Delivery

Traditionally, distributing assignments and collecting student work can be a time-consuming endeavor. itslearning simplifies this process by providing a seamless digital environment for content delivery and submission. Teachers can effortlessly upload and share course materials, such as readings, quizzes, and multimedia content, instantly making them accessible to students. Moreover, itslearning's assignment management features automate the submission, grading, and feedback processes, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Effective communication is at the core of successful teaching and learning. itslearning offers numerous tools to foster collaboration and communication among educators, students, and parents. Teachers can create discussion boards, chat rooms, and virtual classrooms to facilitate real-time interactions and knowledge-sharing. In addition, itslearning provides messaging features that allow teachers to communicate directly with individual students or groups, enabling communication to take place in the same context as the learning.

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Streamlined Assessment and Feedback

Grading and providing timely feedback can be arduous tasks for educators, especially in large classes. itslearning simplifies the assessment process by offering features such as automated grading, rubric-based evaluations, and customisable feedback templates. With the LMS, teachers can save time on repetitive grading tasks, focus on analysing student performance trends, and provide more personalised and constructive feedback to support student growth.

Data-Driven Insights

itslearning empowers educators with valuable data analytics and reporting capabilities. By automatically collecting and analysing student performance data, teachers gain insights into individual and class-wide progress, enabling them to identify areas of improvement and adapt their instructional strategies accordingly. These data-driven insights not only save time on manual assessment but also provide a deeper understanding of student needs, allowing teachers to tailor their teaching approaches more effectively.

Ease of Integration

Every educator has their own preferred tools, or tools that they are required to use in their organisation. An LMS must seamlessly live in your existing environment. This means bringing together all the necessary digital content and data from key software applications such as Student Information Systems (SIS), into one, complete solution. No fumbling for the right passwords. No data silos. Nice and easy. We integrate easily with other systems because we comply with Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®), a standard which defines the communication between a learning management system and a third party application. Some of our customer’s favorite integrations are Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Panopto, Kaltura and Focus.

Increasingly diverse learning needs demands inclusive, accessible learning environments. By providing the same entry point to a range of digital tools, educators can reduce barriers to learning and provide new opportunities for accessibility in and outside the classroom.


In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, time is a precious commodity for educators. By simplifying course organisation, streamlining content delivery and assessment, fostering collaboration and communication, and providing data-driven insights, itslearning saves educators valuable time, enabling them to focus on their true passion: inspiring and guiding students toward academic success. As educators embrace technology as a facilitator of effective teaching, LMS platforms like itslearning continue to reshape the educational landscape, revolutionising the way we teach and learn.