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Stina Boge Feb 17, 20222 min read

LTI Advantage transforms education

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We are proud to be LTI Advantage Complete certified! Haven’t heard of Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard or LTI Advantage? Keep reading to find out what this means for our platform users.

Today’s education market includes a growing number of high-quality web-based applications that enhance teaching and learning. The LTI standard has made it possible to integrate these applications into your LMS (Learning Management System) in a seamless and secure way, providing educators and students with endless possibilities to get more content and tools that make educational workflows easier.

What is LTI?

The IMS LTI standard aims to deliver a single framework for integrating any LMS product with any learning application. LTI Advantage is the next generation of the LTI standard, which was designed to enable plug-and-play integration of educational applications and tools within an institution’s digital learning environment.

“Due to the incredible rate at which content is being digitalized, the ability to deeply integrate with publishers and tool providers is incredibly important. We are honored to have achieved this coveted certification, which underlines our commitment to improving education,” explains Bart van Kimmenade, product owner at itslearning.

Currently implemented in hundreds of learning products, LTI securely connects an institution’s LMS with external learning apps. By creating an ecosystem of secure educational technology, LTI Advantage provides more options for innovative tools that work together and result in better integration, better user experiences and better learning.

By being LTI Advantage certified we can offer our users third-party tools and content, while at the same time protecting user data and providing a secure pathway to plug-and-play interoperability.”

Bart van Kimmenade, product owner at itslearning

What’s in it for me?

There are plenty of great tools, applications and resources available online that are not hosted within your LMS. Traditionally, using these would mean that your students would have to log in to external applications, and that retrieving information such as grades, results and attendance would often be a difficult process.

The LTI standard removes these barriers and enables a secure exchange of information between your LMS and an external learning tool. This means that any LTI certified external tools you want to use can also securely feedback into your LMS, for example, results of an activity your students completed in the external tool. The integration includes the exchange of user identity and course information, which allows for navigating seamlessly between educational tools without having to log into each one.

Overall, LTI Advantage certification allows our platform to act as a central point of access to the tools and content hosted in itslearning, as well as external resources and applications. Allowing you to effortlessly navigate from one to the other within your LMS.