LMS Functionality & Features

itslearning offers a broad range of functionality and is built to work with your needs in mind, so that technology can complement great teaching. One of the greatest assets of our platform is that you have full access, from basic to advanced LMS features, from Day 1.


Communication is key to connecting students and educators. Our LMS makes this easy via:


Co-operate with one another within the LMS for improved teaching and learning outcomes.

Mobile Learning

Cloud based LMS accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.

LMS Resources & Activities

Multimedia tools for an immersive, interactive learning experience.


Respond to tasks, assessments and quizzes through a central platform, complete with self and peer-assessment.

Reflection & Development

Delivering personalized learning to meet individual student needs.


A holistic overview of student learning with data sent directly to your reports generator and student information systems.


Reusable and shared planning tools for keeping across multiple classes.

Additional Services

With itslearning, we always give you more.

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