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itslearning Jul 10, 20243 min read

itslearning-2024.7.2 released product updates

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New UX: site links and module applications always open in new windows

With new menus and also work to remove use of iframes, we need to force all links and apps from the new main menu to open in new windows. The option for admins to select existing/new window when setting up links or module applications will be removed.

New UX: Feedback for course copy / apply template

Since the new course menu does not support the spinner to indicate that a copy is in progress, we are adding feedback banners to inform users that there is an ongoing process, or that errors have occured.

Filter by status and type in the global content search

Enhancements to the global content search now allow users to filter search results by active/archived status and content type, making it easier to find relevant resources and activities. Additionally, content found in archived courses is now clearly tagged, and the search results page has been fine-tuned for a clearer presentation of results and an improved user experience.

The global content search is currently available in the personal menu. After the release of the new main and course menus at the turn of July/August, we will move the search field to the main menu.


New UX: ‘Empty header’ updated to new design

The header used on anonymous pages like Forgotten password is updated to prepare for new design being released later in 2024. The change is mostly a change of colour from dark purple to white.

Discontinuation: Open site links in external window

As preparation for the ongoing work to remove iframes in itslearning (Admin pages will have these removed late July), we need to ensure that all site links (added by admin and displayed in the main menu) are opened in a new window (tab), as opening in the existing window (inside itslearning) relies on iframes. This means that the option to open a site link in an external window will be removed as this is now always applied.

Update of ‘Status and follow-up’

‘Status and follow-up’ has been renamed to ‘Reports’ and we have reviewed the language for all the items on that page. In addition, some items have moved to a new and better location:

  • 360° reports have moved from the course menu into the reports page
  • Assessment and working portfolios have moved from the course menu to the reports page for students, making it more consistent with the teacher view so it is easier to guide students
  • The learning objective assessment report has moved from the ‘Follow-up’ section to the ‘Reports’ section of the page

These changes will only appear after the new UX is available end of July.

Final removal of Personal reports

To simpify itslearning and remove duplicate functionality, we have now proceeded to the final removal of the Personal reports. The 360° progress report provides the same course progress information for students, teachers and parents.

If not in use already, we have switched on the 360° progress report automatically in courses where personal reports were in use. If the report is not visible, teachers can add it manually in course settings. Similarly, if personal reports were enabled in the default course settings, we have enabled the 360° progress report instead.

Parent access: Parents and guardians had access to their child’s personal report from the Course report icon in the parent portal. This link now takes them to the 360° progress report. The course report is always available to parents and guardians, this has not changed.


Released fixes in itslearning-2024.7.2

Our reference Summary

Some special characters were not displaying correctly when using the print option from a plan.


In some cases, when creating a new course based on a template course, a resource in Planner that was active on the template course became inactive on the new course.