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Dec 15, 20235 min read

Training to Triumph: Aspero's Unified Learning Approach

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Aspero Gymnasieskola is a Swedish high school with a focus on sports programs and currently comprises three campuses across Sweden: Gothenburg, Halmstad, and Karlskrona. What distinguishes Aspero is its pioneering approach to digitalization in education, a commitment that has been upheld since its establishment 21 years ago. Notably, Aspero has embraced learning platforms, such as itslearning, and implemented unified documentation systems. This strategic utilization has not only streamlined administrative processes but has also fostered a cohesive and user-friendly environment for students, educators, and guardians alike. The smart use of one platform over three schools has created Aspero's winning game plan for nurturing the academic and athletic development of its students.


"The student documentation setup that we have now with itslearning has become very good. It is difficult to get rid of in the sense that if we throw all our systems in the air and analyze which ones we should keep, we are not getting rid of this one."


Malin Nermark
CEO, Aspero Friskolor 

The Challenge

To create consistency and maintain high standards of teaching across three schools and beyond the classroom.

With three schools (Halmstad, Gothenburg, and Karlskrona) and 815 students, Aspero faces the challenge of keeping information accessible and consistent, especially with students who are often away on training or competition. With highly practical subjects that don't always follow the same schedule or geographical location, it has been important for Aspero that both teachers and schools maintain the same working methods and documentation.

The focus for Aspero is then not only to provide a uniform education but also to ensure that students have an equal and accessible education even when they are engaged in sporting activities.


"One thing I felt strongly about early on was the planner, it's my little favorite. Both I and my colleagues think it's very appealing to be able to set it up lesson by lesson, resources, files, and structure it there. Being able to organize it this way is also very good for students who may miss classes due to sports competitions and training. " 

Anders Brogren
Subject teacher, Aspero Gymnasieskola Halmstad



The Process

Sharing of pedagogical methods and uniform assessment.

By implementing theme days, IT sessions, and conferences, the school has established a uniform utilization of itslearning across all three campuses. During these sessions, teachers exchange insights on their methods of work, formulation, and assessment. Anders, a seasoned educator at the school, asserts that Aspero's teaching staff stands out for their adept use of consistent documentation and the systematic implementation of formative assessments. Aspero has identified numerous positive aspects of their experience with the itslearning platform, encompassing benefits, solutions, and features

  • Student documentation: When Anders Brogren started working as a teacher, he could spend days inputting specific assessments for performance reviews and preparing identical documentation for each mentor student. With the introduction of an intuitive learning platform featuring student documentation, he now finds it effortless to document throughout the year, ensuring an abundance of material for comprehensive performance reviews where all stakeholders are well-informed and have access to the documentation throughout the semester. This enables students to easily track their progress over the semester.

    The same approach applies to practical sports lessons, where student documentation allows students to monitor their goals and progress easily. The distinct advantage of itslearning lies in students receiving direct feedback on practical exercises and elements within the platform. Teachers at Aspero share pictures, videos, and other materials from training sessions, serving as a foundation for detailed performance reviews.

  • The planner: Among Aspero's faculty, the itslearning planner tool has become a favorite. This tool provides teachers with a flexible and intuitive platform to meticulously create and organize their lessons. The capacity to customize each teaching session allows for a tailored approach, ensuring accessibility to all resources and files.

    Notably, the planner tool proves invaluable for students who miss lessons due to various reasons, such as sports competitions or training sessions. Offering a structured overview of each lesson, including utilized resources and materials, enables these students to efficiently catch up on missed content.

  • 360 reports: Aspero utilizes 360 reports to monitor, evaluate, and analyze students' progress, enabling informed decision-making. The school examines trends and tendencies across its campuses, facilitating the exchange of information. The 360 reports offer valuable insights into the organization's data, supporting strategic decision-making processes.

    I am very happy with the 360 reports that are available and that Johan Busck (educational consultant at itslearning) has customized and edited according to our needs. We make various course forecasts a few times a year where I, as the principal, go in and read and analyze which courses or which schools need extra efforts put in for the students. It gives a good overview and is very valuable since we have three different schools. " - Malin Nermark, CEO Aspero Friskolor

  • User-friendly: Students find the platform user-friendly and easily accessible. Collaborative work on shared documents promotes swift cooperation, while the table view in the planning tool aids students in locating past material and information. The chat function has proven excellent for prompt communication, and the capability to send and receive messages directly through the app has been particularly successful for both teachers and students.
  • Video and remote assessment: During the pandemic, the effective utilization of the learning platform proved crucial. The structured platform facilitated a seamless transition to distance learning and supported the documentation of student athletes' progress, even during off-site activities. This innovative use of the platform persists post-pandemic, with both teachers and students filming training sessions and sharing footage for analysis of movement and technique. The material has evolved into a valuable resource for both educators and students. 

"The student documentation is what reaches the most roles: students, teachers, guardians, mentors, head teachers, special needs teachers and the principal. The student health service can also access the information. This is a huge strength. I have not seen this with other suppliers in the same way. " 

Malin Nermark
CEO, Aspero Friskolor


The Result

Student documentation and planning tool:
The key to effective teaching at Aspero Gymnasieskolor. 

Utilizing student documentation has significantly lightened the teachers' workload across Aspero's three schools, particularly in terms of assessment and feedback. This practice proves invaluable in a sports-focused secondary school, where student attendance fluctuates due to training sessions and competitions.

Aspero's adoption of the itslearning learning platform, coupled with integrated student documentation, not only streamlines the teaching process but also serves as a crucial resource for students participating in events. By ensuring uniform education across the three schools, the institution has surmounted challenges and enabled high-quality teaching, regardless of students' sports commitments.

The planning tool has not only gained popularity among teachers but also stands as a pivotal element in the school's successful strategy for delivering coordinated and effective teaching. The structured and flexible environment benefits both teachers and students, allowing each student to follow lessons optimally, even during sports activities.

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