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Mature students in a classroom environment
Nov 8, 20233 min read

Clavis Language & Competence

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Clavis offers Danish Language Courses for adult foreigners. The tuition takes place at CLAVIS, online, and at companies or educational institutions all over Denmark.

"I find that the students greatly appreciate itslearning and that they are able to get in contact and engage in dialogue with the teachers.

There is often a lot of nervousness in connection with the exams and tests we have to conduct. It's nice that there is a way to reach us, which can help ease their mind. itslearning enables that."

Jonas Christensen,
Course Leader 


The Challenge

Create a secure environment for students of diverse backgrounds and technological expertise.

CLAVIS is an established educational institution in Denmark that is making achievements in providing a varied range of competency-awarding courses.

Their main objective is to provide Danish language education to adults, immigrants, and refugees as a second language. In order to attain the desired level of success, they have partnered with itslearning, an important ally in achieving this goal.

CLAVIS is dedicated to have an engaging and easy to use platform that are beneficial not only for students who have great reading and writing skills, but also for those who struggle in these areas.

This approach fosters teacher-student dialogue, enables flexible learning, provides multimedia materials, and tracks student progress.

CLAVIS's commitment to continuous learning, relationship-building, and support beyond the classroom has garnered student appreciation, reduced anxiety, and instilled a sense of security, enhancing the overall educational experience.


"You don't necessarily need to be able to read and write, to use digital teaching technology. The same applies to our learning platform, itslearning. Here, you can upload all kinds of materials to the learning platform, including long texts, but you can also upload video and audio files that the target group, who are weak in reading and writing, can also benefit from."

Mette Brandt, Head of Education




itslearning provides solutions that enable great communication between teachers and students. With those features, students feel confident enough to keep progressing.

  • Multimodal Learning Materials: The use of  itslearning allows the uploading of various materials, including video and audio files. This accommodates students who may struggle with reading and writing, enhancing their learning experience.
  • Easy Teacher-Student Communication: The institution emphasizes the availability of teachers, allowing students to engage in a dialogue with them. This fosters a supportive learning environment and helps students receive individualized assistance.
  • Tracking Student Progress: The use of "360° reports" and status tracking in itslearning allows CLAVIS to monitor students' progress and engagement. This data-driven approach helps identify areas where students may need additional support.
  • Flexible Learning: CLAVIS's approach allows students to access course content even when they can't attend classes in person. This flexibility benefits students who may have other commitments or face challenges attending physical classes.
  • User Friendly: The itslearning platform provides a secure and user-friendly environment for students to engage with ease. This is particularly crucial for Clavis' diverse student body, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.
  • Student Appreciation: Students are very pleased with the platform as it allows them to easily contact their teachers, and upload different sources of materials.

"With itslearning, we can maintain contact with the students. Not only in the teaching context but also outside of school. I think that's important because it can support continuous learning. We are able to keep track of online students and their usage of itslearning and the various assignments they need to work on."

Jonas Christessen, Course Leader



itslearning provides solutions that enable great communication between teachers and students. With those features, students feel confident enough to keep progressing, especially when it comes to Danish as a Second Language.

Around 5700 students attend Clavis, which provides a safe, pleasant, and supportive atmosphere for adult immigrants and refugees seeking new opportunities.


Roksilde, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Ringsted and Holbæk in Denmark.

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