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itslearning Mar 30, 20221 min read

Savantis adopted a learning management system – and gained a partner as well!

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“We drew up a set of criteria that a learning platform had to meet. Focusing on these criteria allowed us to choose the best partner for Savantis – itslearning.”

Laurents van Stenus
Education Products and Exams Manager, Savantis



The challenge

Savantis is a vocational education institution whose motto is ‘Keep developing’. They have existed for over 70 years and are found in 200 locations across the Netherlands. Originally, they produced written teaching materials, but they’ve since transitioned to a combination of print, online and hybrid. Savantis decided they wanted a learning management system (LMS) to support them and drew up a strict set of criteria.

Two important requirements were that the LMS had to be extremely reliable and could be implemented quickly. After vetting numerous possibilities, they concluded that itslearning was the best match. According to Savantis, the implementation was successful because itslearning supported them throughout the entire process.

“The learning environment must have a clear structure; What you see is what you get. itslearning has helped us a lot and has proven to be a great partner.”
Laurents van Stenus,

Education Products and Exams Manager, Savantis


The process

There is a lot of competition in the blended learning market, so to distinguish itself Savantis decided to launch a new brand called ‘Studeo’ – an online environment driven by the itslearning platform. Studio provides complete online learning courses and blended teaching materials, and continuously develops these resources.

Savantis serves many dyslexic students who prefer texts to be read aloud. With the help of itslearning, Studeo is now able to provide this using the Readspeaker app within the platform. This has become an important feature for Savantis.

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The result

Due to their well-thought-out business plan and strict criteria for selecting an LMS, Savantis has achieved success – both with their teaching materials and the launch of their Studeo brand. The collaboration between Savantis and itslearning is smooth, but they enjoy challenging each other as well. Savantis regularly provides input regarding the LMS needs of teachers and students. itslearning uses this input to develop and improve its platform. That is why their collaboration will continue to bear fruit in the future – Savantis and itslearning will continue to keep each other on their toes.



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