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Vania Hasegawa Jul 28, 20236 min read

5 welcome message ideas for your students

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The end of summer is approaching, which means that it will soon be time to begin a new academic year.

As hectic as the last few weeks of summer can be for teachers, one simple action can make a tremendous difference in making this moment joyful for students and setting the tone for a fantastic first week: send a welcome greeting to students, and guardians if appropriate, for your school.

Sending out a welcome note is more than just an act of kindness; it can trigger a range of positive emotions and alleviate students' nervousness. It is now easier to do, because many schools utilise learning management systems (LMS) to support their courses, and it is an easy way to send out these communications.

Who hasn't been anxious about the first day of school? So I remember being unable to sleep much the night before the first day of school because I was so scared and excited about what might happen. I believe that the enthusiasm and sense of belonging instilled in students by professors are unparalleled for a successful start to the year, and this is what teachers should aim for.

Thinking about it, we came up with some good reasons for teachers to send a message, as well as a few examples. You are welcome to use it to motivate your new (or old) students.

1. Make students less anxious

Photo of an anxious student biting their pencil while studying.

Many students, including myself, will be both scared and enthusiastic about the first day of school or university. This is why communicating an exciting and anticipatory message is so successful!
Perhaps teachers should say what students can expect in the course or any recent news from the institution. Will there be any particular events for them to look forward to?
Teasers can reduce nervousness while increasing enthusiasm, and kids will feel more prepared for the first day.

Message inspiration:
(Student name), welcome back to school!
Remember that you are not alone as we begin a new school year together. I will be there for you every step of the way. In our classroom, you can ask questions, take risks, and grow academically and personally. Expect to learn more about [include the highlights of your subject] this semester. Let us make this year unforgettable through fun, companionship, and a common love of learning. Thank you for coming back!

2. Build a Teacher-Student Relationship

Photo of a group of students sitting in a classroom while being guided by a teacher.

Another reason to send a message is to introduce yourself to students before the semester begins. You can include a photo of yourself, funny facts, and information about your background. Perhaps you can include how exciting the class will be, as well as some positive and encouraging statements, to increase student participation.
Building a strong relationship with students, as well as showing them how much you care, is essential for great teaching and learning experiences.

Message inspiration:
Dear classmates,
Welcome back to class! I hope you had a wonderful summer vacation. This year, I am delighted to be your teacher and to follow you on your academic path. Remember, my door is always open, and I am always here to help you in any way I can. We will have a dynamic interaction in my class where we will use technology to help us learn better and expect to use (include some resources you will be utilising to support, such as Kahoot, polls, videos, and so on). Let us collaborate, learn from one another, and make this a year of growth and achievement to remember.

3. Create excitement

Photo of two happy students in the library.

Set a pleasant tone and express excitement about the new class and students. Emphasise the good aspects of the new academic year, share some success stories to motivate them, and promote participation in all activities and class discussions.
Including one or two bits of exciting news can help students look forward to returning to school.

Message inspiration:
Hello, (student's name)!
Prepare for an amazing academic year packed with excitement and discovery. From thrilling experiments to fascinating debates, we will immerse ourselves in a world of learning that will pique your interest and fuel your passion.
Accept the challenges, let your imagination run wild, and let's make this a memorable year! Let's work together to win this academic year!

4. Create a Sense of Belonging

Photo of a group of hands stacking on top of eachother for team spirit.

A sense of belonging is essential for academic performance, and teachers must ensure that their classrooms are welcoming. This can be accomplished by feeling accepted, appreciated, and included in the group.

A sense of belonging and integrity, like so many other non-academic and contextual elements have a significant impact on classroom learning. According to research, a sense of belonging is essential for academic performance. And, to facilitate learning, we teachers must pay attention and ensure that our classrooms are inclusive.
A teacher's genuine welcome note can be an excellent start. And a kind and a personalised message from their teacher can instantly calm them down, informing them that they are entering a welcoming and inclusive learning environment.

Message inspiration:
Dear classmates,
Hello and welcome to our class!
I am very excited to begin this educational adventure with each of you. We will work together to establish a welcoming environment in which everyone's ideas are valued and celebrated. Your presence enriches our classroom community, and I look forward to getting to know every one of you. Let us make this school year one of growth, learning, and happy memories!

5. Motivate Students

Photo of a student standing infront of a concrete wall with a chalk stick in hand, drawing a rocket ship.

A well-crafted welcome message can pique students' interest in learning and inspire them to take on the challenges that await them. Teachers can urge students to actively participate in class and strive for excellence throughout the year by highlighting the importance of education and the value of their contributions.

Message inspiration:
Dear students,
Welcome to a new school year full of exciting opportunities! I believe in every one of you and your great potential. We will explore intriguing topics, have stimulating discussions, and go on an adventure of discovery together. Remember that your views and contributions are valuable; your many viewpoints improve our learning environment. Set lofty goals, push ourselves, and make this year a year of exceptional accomplishments!

What about guardians?

Photo of a father and daughter sitting in their living room while doing school work on a tablet.

We already explored the good impact of parental involvement on children's academic careers. The complete article can be seen here. And the start of the new school year is an excellent time to begin creating this relationship with new parents.

As previously stated, parental participation can also contribute to the creation of a healthy learning environment. Parents, like kids, can be apprehensive, and it is critical to inform them about what to expect and how this teacher-parent contact will be handled.

Message inspiration:
Dear Guardians and Parents,

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the 2023-2024 academic year. My name is (teacher's name), and I will be the teacher for (grade or course name) this year.
We are excited to work together to assist our children to reach their full potential and to support them in all aspects of their lives. It is critical to emphasise that we both share responsibility for their success, and I would want to solicit your assistance in ensuring that:

• Children go to school and arrive on time.
• Finish all tasks and homework.
• Please let me know if there is any specific condition or anything else I should be aware of.

It would be wonderful if you could join us at school events and become a member of our community. The majority of our communication will take place through our LMS , where you can stay up to date on their tasks. Please contact me or come in person so that we may get to know each other better.

Start preparing your message

Photo of a teacher typing on a computer.

Remember to send out the message a few days before school begins or on the first day of school. You have the option to utilise email, the class dashboard on your Learning Management System (LMS), or the primary communication system provided by your school.

So, keep that in mind, interact with your students, and have a wonderful start to the school year.

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