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Stina Boge Jul 4, 20232 min read

Boreakademiet: The Success of a User-Friendly Learning Platform in Vocational Education

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Boreakademiet, a drilling academy in Norway, has made significant strides in providing online vocational courses in well technology. With a user-friendly learning platform, itslearning, the academy has achieved remarkable success in a short time. The founder, Trond Rakke, shares his story of triumph.


From Challenges to Opportunities

Boreakademiet has garnered a lot of attention for its rapid startup and success in the industry. The founder, Trond Rakke, started the academy in 2013 to offer education in well technology. The vocational course is designed for individuals with several years of work experience in technical fields such as mechanics, electrical engineering, chemistry, and process engineering, preferably with a certificate of apprenticeship in one of these areas.

Trond Rakke, Boreakademiet

Trond Rakke from Boreakademiet

After facing challenges in the industry and the closure of the academy, Rakke decided to revive the project in 2022. This was in response to the increasing interest in online learning in vocational education and the need for flexibility among students. Rakke explains;

"We wanted to offer courses that students could take at their own pace, from home, which could easily be combined with work and other commitments."
Trond Rakke, Boreakademiet

Continued learning programs such as these provide learners with cost-effective, expeditious options beyond a degree program. During the itslearning hosted webinar Vision of Lifelong Learning in the Nordics, Professor Magnus Nohr from Østfold University College affirmed that more people are taking advantage of asynchronous education opportunities – choosing to study when it fits their busy schedules. You can read more about lifelong learning in this article.

The Intuitive Learning Platform for Everyone

One of the key factors behind Boreakademiet’s success is the user-friendly learning platform. They chose a platform that was intuitive and easy to use, making it simple for students to navigate through the course modules. Rakke shares a story about how his 74-year-old mother, a former teacher, was the first user of the platform: "I gave her a user account without explaining how it worked, and she managed to navigate and understand the course modules just fine."

When Boreakademiet re-launched, the company didn't have an existing platform to build upon. The academy started with a blank canvas and built the course modules from scratch. In record time, the platform was implemented, and the first course was up and running.

Tools that Promote Learning

Boreakademiet has applied a range of tools in the learning platform, including tests, assignments, and submissions. A welcome video provides an overview of the course and guides students through the learning process. Students have the freedom to choose the order and explore the resources on their own, but they are recommended a specific structure to ensure an optimal learning experience. With this approach, Boreakademiet has created an efficient and flexible learning environment that allows students to learn in their own way.

Future Plans: From Digital to Hybrid Education

Boreakademiet is now considering offering traditional classroom teaching in addition to digital education. The plans include courses that combine e-learning and classroom instruction. The academy has demonstrated that adapting to changes in teaching methods and leveraging modern technology can be crucial for success. By choosing a user-friendly and intuitive learning platform, they have managed to meet students' needs and create an effective learning environment.

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