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Vania Hasegawa May 28, 20241 min read

Product update: redesigned main menu

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Main Menu: new look and feel

Main Menu Home - new

We are happy to announce a series of updates designed to enhance your interaction with our platform: a redesigned main menu and a new course menu. Our commitment to providing an accessible and modern experience has led us to implement changes to improve usability.


Changing for Better


Main Menu Home - old
Main Menu Home - new

Accessibility at the Forefront: We believe that everyone deserves an effortless and inclusive experience. That’s why we’re moving towards a design with better contrast and a more modern look

Benefits You’ll Like:

  • Improved Keyboard Navigation Sequence: reaching everything using your keyboard
  • Enhanced Screenreader Compatibility: Enjoy a smoother experience with screenreaders, making our platform more accessible to visually impaired users.
  • Vibrant Contrast: Say goodbye to dark purple backgrounds and hello to a brighter, more readable interface.
  • Privacy in the Classroom: We’ve ensured that personal items are not visible when sharing content in the classroom, respecting the dual roles many of you play as both teachers and guardians.


What’s New in the Layout?

For teachers without additional options, here’s a glimpse of the simplified navigation:

new drop down menu your profile

  • Courses: Access your courses directly through visually appealing Course Cards.
  • Update: Updates page, previously available as a link in the Course Cards page. Now lifted for more visibility and easy access.
  • Groups: Discover a dedicated page that retains the content from the previous dropdown, including Hierarchy Dashboards and Projects.
  • User Menu Update: All personal details associated with your profile have been relocated to the user menu. This ensures that your private information remains confidential during screen-sharing sessions, as it will not be displayed to others.


What remains the same?

  • Library: Continues to be your storehouse of resources, with no changes to its current format.
  • Calendar: there is no change in this setting
The new main menu is due to be launched this July. Check regularly our Monthly Release Page to stay up-to-date.

If you want more information, check out the following pages:




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