Decision Guide: Project Based Learning and Student Engagement

Preparing K-12 Students for University and Workforce Success

At schools nationwide, teachers are helping students creatively solve problems, stay focused, work on teams, and organize their thoughts in a way others will understand. Along the way, students are mastering standards-based content, improving their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and becoming self-directed, independent learners. These benefits extend well beyond the primary or secondary school classroom and help students prepare for successful careers.

You understand the enriching qualities that PBL (project-based learning) provides students in the classroom, during their everyday lives, and in the collegiate or work setting. You also realize that managing the assets, supporting team-based activities, and instilling 21st-century skills in a very efficient manner requires a robust, modern LMS that facilitates learning, collaboration, and success in ways that traditional tools cannot. A commitment to using and benefiting from PBL starts with a centralized LMS with a single login, rich multimedia capabilities, and 24/7 access to students and instructors.

* Denotes a Mandatory Field

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