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The itslearning Mobile App

Teachers are on mobile. Students are on mobile. That’s why itslearning is on mobile too. Wherever you are, on whichever device you choose, you can get the full itslearning experience – just download the app and get started.


Update Plans On-the-Go

With our mobile plan viewer, you can update your lessons quickly and easily, even when you’re on the move. Plus, anything you add automatically syncs across devices: You can create a lesson plan on a desktop, add an assignment to it on a tablet and receive the completed task on mobile — all without losing any functionality.

More Timely Assessment

Students often have to wait a long time to get feedback on assignments and tests. The itslearning app allows them to see feedback as soon as it is ready — when the tasks are still fresh in their minds. Ultimately, this makes assessment for learning faster and more effective.

  • Students are notified of feedback as soon as it is ready
  • Includes grades, assessments and comments

View All of Your Resources

The itslearning library is chock full of awesome, standards-aligned resources, and if you download our mobile app, you can keep them right in your pocket. Just think: millions of curated resources from some of the best and brightest educators, tucked away between your keys and your wallet.

Stay in Touch Easily

The itslearning mobile app has complete messaging functionality. Teachers and students can communicate seamlessly — sending and receiving messages or resources instantly, while school administration can send out mass messages to keep everyone informed. In addition, both teachers and students can see the newsfeed, which is chock full of valuable resources and discussions to keep everybody on the same page.

Manage Courses and Grades

As a teacher, all course information, from the calendar to the gradebook, is present in the itslearning mobile app. You can add events, update tasks and even grade assignments, all from your smartphone or tablet. If you can do it in itslearning, then you can do it via the itslearning mobile app.

Download the itslearning Mobile App Today