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itslearning Jun 23, 20202 min read

Building a safe virtual school to encourage student learning and independence

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“We were looking for a safe virtual space that encouraged student-student as well as teacher-teacher collaboration. We chose itslearning because it was GDPR-committed and aligned with our focus on building a dynamic and inclusive curriculum.”
André Sonnenburg
Principal, Oberschule Habenhausen, Germany


The Challenge

The Oberschule Habenhausen (Habenhausen Secondary School) prides itself in being diverse, dynamic and inclusive in its pedagogy and school environment. Teachers, students and parents all work hand-in-hand to maintain this community togetherness.

The school wanted a learning management system that promoted this same ethos. A learning platform that everyone in the school environment – students, teachers, non-teaching staff and parents – could use to meet and connect in a safe virtual space.

"Modern teaching can be both purposeful and engaging!“

Mario Varvarikes,
Media coach and teacher, Oberschule Habenhausen


The Process

The decision to adopt itslearning was not only about creating a space for communication and collaboration between the school administrators, teachers and students, but also about reorganizing learning by changing the learning environment through the use of modern education technology to create a virtual school.

The school embarked on modernizing and digitizing both its administrative and pedagogical processes so that teaching could take place in a virtual environment every day, while maintaining traditional media such as books and notepads. They ensured that teaching at Oberschule Habenhausen would also prepare students to be well equipped to deal with life once they leave school.


Successful Results

The school now uses itslearning to encourage and promote curriculum development and improvements in a flexible and interactive way so that it can be continuously adapted to current educational needs. Content and materials can now be linked directly and aligned with the corresponding competencies of the education framework to ensure transparency and accountability to everyone involved, including students and parents.
Additionally, Oberschule Habenhausen has found that by using itslearning it can better promote inclusivity based on its Dynamic Curriculum in subject teaching and cater for students with different needs and abilities. Furthermore, itslearning has strengthened teacher-teacher collaboration at the school as they are now able to share their views quickly and easily as well as discuss and collaborate meaningfully to improve teaching and learning.

"The Dynamic Curriculum lets us plan lessons in a timely and modern way. It puts all the essential elements at a teacher’s fingertips."

André Sonnenburg, Principal, Oberschule Habenhausen


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