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hopwood hall college
Jun 23, 20202 min read

Learner success rates improved, plus more than 1 million dollars saved

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“itslearning is central to our strategy. Student ambition and increasingly sophisticated demands are reflected by the itslearning approach which sets a very high standard that our college will match.”

Deiric O’Tuathail
Former Principal, Hopwood Hall College


The Challenge

Hopwood Hall is a further education vocational college with campuses in Rochdale and Middleton, in the UK and serves 9,000 students. It has a strong track record in innovation and development. The college was looking for a partner who could provide it with a cloud-based learning platform capable of supporting its teachers and students across a huge range of courses and levels, from Accounting to Uniformed Public Services, Art & Design to Plastering, so it could continue to maintain its leading edge technologies and teaching methods.

They wanted an intuitive platform – an infrastructure that students would easily grasp and engage with. A platform that supported multimedia tools and a partner who was engaged and clearly understood the college’s needs.


"Our staff and learners have been amazing. The creativity and willingness to learn new ways, from both a learner and a staff point of view, has been remarkable."

Becki Lee, Head of Quality Improvement and eLearning, Hopwood Hall College

student learning

The Process

Hopwood Hall College implemented itslearning in 2011 as part of a radical transformational program where they put blended learning at the center of instruction. Their students needs weighed heavily in the selection of itslearning as the college’s learning platform. Across curriculum areas Hopwood Hall College has achieved a balance of developing, procuring and using open source and creative content, giving learners a varied and rich e-Learning experience. Hopwood Hall College, through a dedicated team, now delivers a comprehensive program which utilizes itslearning to deliver the college induction program, information, training and online curriculum learning and assessment delivery.

"With itslearning students can immediately see where they are struggling and what they’re getting right. It’s very efficient when it comes to diagnosing what the students needs are. It’s a massive time and efficiency boost for tutors"

Stephen McClusky, English and Maths Lecturer


Successful Results

The collaboration between Hopwood Hall College and itslearning has increased students success rate by 10 percentage points, propelling it into the top quartile of the UK Further Education sector. Additionally, the move to itslearning has resulted in a £1.4 million (USD 1.75 million) saving over three years on curriculum delivery costs, contributing to their significant financial surpluses for the college to deploy to other areas and demonstrating their responsiveness to change.


Visit website: Hopwood Hall College

Location: 2 campuses in the UK

Using itslearning: Since 2011

Students: 9,000