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itslearning Jun 23, 20202 min read


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“itslearning is essential to our close follow-up of students and has been invaluable in providing students with good pedagogical support when schools were closed physically.”

Trond Botnen, Former CEO, Metis & Bergen Private Gymnas Upper Secondary Schools

The Challenge:

Transitioning to remote learning during the pandemic Metis Utdanning strives to have the best upper-secondary schools in Vestland County, Norway – Metis and Bergen Private Gymnas. To achieve this, they hire excellent teachers and provide close follow-up of students. Metis has been using the itslearning platform for the past 16 years to support their pedagogical goals. Their schools currently enjoy a graduation rate of 99%.

In March 2020 the coronavirus pandemic posed a challenge to Metis’ goals by forcing students to study from home…

  • How could teachers check in with students’ well-being from a distance?
  • How could they structure education and provide quality education purely online?
"In order for students to learn, they have to have an overview. Having a good learning platform is a great advantage."

Rolf Næss, Head of Media & Communication at Metis Upper Secondary School


The Process:

Providing structure and close follow-up

itslearning provides the structure and means of communication which is critical to education during the pandemic.

  • the calendar helps keep teachers organized
  • the messaging system makes it easy for students and teachers to connect
  • the Microsoft Teams integration allows classes to continue online

Metis provides a mentoring program to ensure that students are taken care of both academically and psychologically. This includes close communication with students, parents and fellow teachers. Teachers are good at reaching out to students when they are absent from school or falling behind in studies, so the students feel ‘seen’.


"itslearning has become even more important to us. It provides a very clear structure and overview of what’s going to happen, and when."
Adriana Hoti, 
teacher at Bergen Private Gymnas Upper Secondary School


The Results

Currently, Metis Utdanning’s schools are the most popular of Vestland County’s 55 upper secondary schools – they have the highest number of applicants per available spots. Trond Botnen is proud of the schools’ graduation rate of 98-99% for the past 10 years. “We are able to provide good, close follow-up of students because itslearning is such an integral part of our pedagogical practices. itslearning has always been central to our teaching and workflow – and will continue to be after the pandemic.”


Visit website: Metis Utdanning

Location: Vestland County, Norway

Staff: 143

Using itslearning: Since 2006

Students: 12,400