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4 Ways itslearning and Google for Education Enhance Digital Learning in Schools

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Beatriz Arnillas

Senior Educational Advisor 

The integration between itslearning and Google for Education is creating a powerful new ecosystem that supports enhanced teaching and learning.

A popular feature of the Google Classroom is the option for teachers to personalize assignments by selecting a document from their Google Drive as a general template, so that every student or group has access to their own copy of the document. itslearning has now made this functionality available in their own assignment tool. Teachers share access to students’ documents for each assignment, enabling them to monitor students’ progress and provide real-time feedback.

Here are 4 other ways the itslearning and Google for Education partnership improves the digital learning experience for both students and teachers:

  1. Simplifying

Teachers are able to utilize additional features without any additional clicks, such as creating personalized documents from a general template, monitoring students’ progress and providing individual feedback. Also, students take 12 fewer clicks to set up and complete assignments when using the itslearning integration.

Additionally, single sign-on simplifies the digital learning process for both students and teachers, making everything instantly accessible from one platform and eliminating the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

  1. Time-saving

Students took three minutes fewer, on average, to set up and complete individual assignments with the itslearning integration. For group assignments, a class of 22 students saved 28 minutes to complete an assignment. Users indicated that using the itslearning integration to create and share Google Docs would save considerably more time for younger users, particularly students in elementary school.

Teachers using the itslearning integration saved over two minutes to set up and grade individual assignments. They also gained the ability to monitor students’ assignments and provide students with real-time edits and feedback.

  1. Accessible

With one login, students and teachers have instant access to assignments, grades and feedback in one comprehensive digital platform. Students and teachers all have shared access to assignment documents through their own itslearning login, making group projects and teacher progress monitoring a breeze.

  1. Collaborative

Using the itslearning integration, assigning and completing group assignments is an effortless process. Teachers can create and share templates with students and groups, and students all have personal access to group documents. Everything is accessible from one platform, making it easier to collaborate without having several tabs open.

Teachers are also able to view which students are responsible for the work, which helps to increase accountability in group projects. Additionally, teachers can directly communicate with students while they work on assignments by offering feedback, enabling them to guide students to complete important tasks and learn essential standards.

To learn more about the itslearning and Google Classroom integration and discover how different schools have used the itslearning LMS and Google to boost digital learning success, check out the Spokes Education Report: itslearning + Google Integration.