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Lightening the lockdown load

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Lisa Pearce

The itslearning platform delivers remote learning to LanguageOne

Ellen Vloothuis describes remote learning at LanguageOne, “We have increased our use of itslearning to a great degree to deliver lessons online since coronavirus broke out in China in January 2020. We have our whole Dutch-language programme on itslearning. The lesson content is exactly the same, so it makes it easy to adapt to learning online. 900 students and 52 teachers spread across nine locations have access to the programme via itslearning. It was pretty easy to get started with remote learning. Students are able to chat with us, hand in homework, upload documents, etc. There are so many functions and possibilities in the platform. There’s lots of interaction through videos and interactive games. Working on the itslearning platform combined with zoom video calls ensures more individual student attention and guidance. We have a very solid, well-rounded Dutch-language programme online. We get lots of nice responses from the children and the parents saying they are happy that we are able to continue in the same way as we did in class. We will continue to use itslearning in this way when we go back to school.”

For assistance with distance learning, please visit our Remote Learning Starter Kit.

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Free Remote Learning Starter Kit

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