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New itslearning eBook! Mobile Learning and the Student Success Imperative.

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Studies show that test scores are higher in classrooms where students have access to mobile devices – as much as 30 percent higher, according to a study of low-income students.

Educators are realising the power of mobile to increase motivation by offering students choices in how and when they learn. More and more students are using mobile devices in their classrooms. In fact, mobile learning is rising at a rate of 18.2 percent per year across the globe.

To help education leaders understand more about this important trend, itslearning has developed a new eBook, entitled Mobile Learning and the Student Success Imperative.

The eBook includes:

  • Theory: The link between mobile learning and increased intrinsic motivation
  • Case Study: Mobile learning in a real classroom situation
  • Voice and Choice: Five quick ways to increase motivation with itslearning

You’ll also discover four things to keep in mind when implementing mobile learning at your school.

Download the eBook today and learn how to unleash the power of mobile in your classrooms.