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New whitepaper on student-centric teaching coming soon

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Research tells us that teachers need to activate students more in the learning process. In our new whitepaper, we explore how you can create a learning environment where your students take centre stage.

When chemistry teacher Frøydis Hamre realised her students were too focused on their test grades to actually read the feedback she gave them, she decided to ask her students to assess their own performance on each test question before they got their final grade. As a result, her students learned how to assess their own work, which is an essential element in student-centric teaching.

Our new whitepaper ‘Student-centric teaching with a learning platform’ looks at Frøydis’ practice in detail, as well as the practices of two other teachers.

What is student-centric teaching?

In many ways, it may be redundant to talk about student-centric teaching – all teaching should be centred around learners. But most educational research indicates that the teacher’s voice still plays an overly dominant role, and teachers should instead do more to activate their students in the learning process.

Student-centric teaching is one way to achieve this. Its goal is to give students the opportunity to learn themselves, instead of being spoon-fed knowledge. A deliberate effort is required for this to occur, and teachers, school principals, fellow students and parents must all contribute.

The question we try to answer in our new whitepaper is: How can you organise your teaching and assessment in order to help your students become independent learners?

  • The whitepaper includes:
    – Three strategies for implementing student-centric teaching in your classes
    – Examples of how these strategies are being put into practice by real teachers
    – A list of other literature and resources to provide inspiration for further work

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