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Quality implementation and training are essential to a successful learning platform

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Learning platforms can be very beneficial, but if teachers aren’t comfortable with them, they won’t use them. itslearning is a platform that teachers want to use, partly due to the fact that our training is tailored to meet teachers’ specific challenges.

When schools adopt a learning platform, no two situations are alike. Teachers and administrators have unique challenges, desires and goals. Some teachers might be looking for a way to implement blended learning while others need a simple system for organising teaching materials. Some administrators aim to increase the number of teachers using the learning platform while others have specific integration challenges. Schools use different systems for reports, calendars, grades, etc. The existing infrastructure needs to be integrated smoothly into the new learning platform for optimal data exchange.

The itslearning implementation process is individually designed for each school

Your needs

We sit down with you to find out your educational needs, challenges and exactly what you want to achieve. Together, we establish goals and success criteria from the start.

The plan

We work with you to create a fully personalised implementation plan. The plan covers all aspects of implementation, from integration to training to goals for user adoption. It includes key performance indicators for each stage, covering what needs to be done when and by whom.

The integrations

We help you integrate itslearning into your existing systems. Our aim is for our platform to communicate seamlessly with your school’s IT infrastructure, allowing you to share and export data as needed. This ensures simple maintenance and optimum user experience.

We help you migrate your existing educational content and information into itslearning and assist you in exporting information out of itslearning, including:

  • pre-populated courses with files, links, tests, surveys, calendar events, IMS content packages and more
  • assessment and activity management to enable you to import and export information from grade books, planners, calendars and more
  • learning objects repository imports so that you can link activities to learning objectives and curriculum information
  • attendance, behaviour and grades, exported as XML files using itslearning’s Export Toolkit

Training your staff

itslearning offers tailored training sessions that are designed to suit your needs and processes and get you achieving your goals in the first session. We create a training plan that will give your colleagues the skills and knowledge to start using itslearning right away.

Before arranging training, we sit down with you to establish exactly what you need to achieve. We cover all training aspects, from personalisation training for administrators to quick start and goal-based pedagogical training for teachers and teaching groups. We then work out the ideal training plan for your entire organisation.

The training plan takes into account your different users’ needs and schedules, and specifies the targets and content of each training session. All of our trainers have worked as teachers and our training sessions are designed to help you make your school processes simpler and improve teaching quality.

Quick start guide

Even with an easy to use system, teachers often need a little help when getting started. Our Quick Start Guide for Teachers lays out six simple steps to help teachers make the most of itslearning right from the start. Download the guide here.

Identifying early adopters

Trond Skeie, Managing Director of itslearning Norway, has worked with hundreds of schools and school districts to help ensure that they optimise their itslearning implementation. He believes in the power of early adopters.

“Every organisation includes a few people who like to be ahead of the technological curve. These people are important to any implementation project. The key is to find these people and give them all the training and support they need. They will then happily pass this information on to others.” Trond Skeie

Planning training sessions with help from itslearning

As an itslearning Global Trainer, Kat Thorne travels to schools around the world helping teachers get started with our platform. Her methods ensure that teachers can start using the platform after training. How does she do it? It´s easy – she uses itslearning.

“I always create project areas in the customer’s itslearning site and ask the teachers to prepare before training sessions. Preparations can include watching a video introducing itslearning and how it can be used for their type of organisation. In my experience, this creates excitement and gives teachers a clear idea of what they are going to learn and why. As a result, they are more engaged and motivated. They also have a collaborative space to refer to when posting questions in a forum, both during and after the training.”