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itslearning Jul 3, 2024< 1 min read

itslearning-2024.6.2 released product updates

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Accessibility fix: Alt text for profile pictures in announcements

Profile pictures (or default avatars in the case where the user doesn't have a profile picture) for announcement authors now have an appropriate alt text. For comments, the profile pictures are purely decorative and has an empty alt text. This improves the experience for screen reader users.

Released fixes in itslearning-2024.6.2

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Fixed an issue that caused "play" and "continue" options to not work when using a plan.


Made improvements to resolve an issue where some users were not able to access courses.


There was an issue with editing a task, if the task had “end of specific day” deadline option set.


Fixed an issue where tasks for a student and follow-up tasks connected to a student was missing, if the student was previously removed from the course, and later re-added.