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itslearning Jul 3, 20241 min read

itslearning-2024.6.3 released product updates

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New simplified profile card

Our old profile card is not accessible and we will replace it with a new page showing relevant information about a user. As a step 1, we are releasing a new and simplified profile card where we inform about the connection you have to a user. More information will be added later.

Immersive reader in new planner

We are adding immersive reader to the description field of the new planner, so that students can consume and understand text added by their teacher. This reading assistant will both help young pupils that can't read, as well as students with some sort of reading and/or learning disability.

Disconnect 2FA authentication app for a user

In situations where user has set up two-factor authentication and has lost access to their authentication app, essentially locked themselves out from itslearning, administrator can disconnect the the authentication app for the user. This can be done in Admin > User and access rights > Edit user > Security. 

Note: Together with this change, we have renamed the tab 'Password' to 'Security' in user settings.

Updates to the 360° progress report

The 360° progress report has been enhanced to include features previously available in personal reports, which will be retired in July. Users can now access resources and activities directly from the 360° progress report. Additionally, we’ve added a link to the assessment log within the report. The assessment log is available to teachers and administrators and can be found in the details column.

With these changes, the 360° progress report can fully replace the personal reports, ensuring that users won’t lose any functionality.


Released fixes in itslearning-2024.6.3

Our referenceSummary

Some pages related to assignment had a misleading title (when viewing the title of the browser tab).

These titles were changed to "Assignment".