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Meet Jordan, our new Sales Executive!

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Jordan Capel

What does your role entail?

My role is largely focussed on new business development. I manage all processes for new customers from the beginning of their buying cycle through to and including the implementation of the learning platform itself.

What do you love about working with itslearning?

I love the staff! It is only my 2nd month with itslearning, but it has not taken long to realise that the team is blessed with hardworking and capable people, that care considerably for the service & experience they provide. Not only that, but they are great fun to be around, and are more than happy to help each other wherever possible.

Is there anything you want our Customers to know?

I wish for the customers to know how dedicated their support team is. In the short time I have been at itslearning, the commitment and passion of the support team has been very apparent . As a Salesperson, it is reassuring to see how well our customers are cared for throughout their itslearning journey.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I was stupid enough to partake in a Trailwalker challenge last weekend in which I walked 100km in 27 hours across the South Downs. I can highly advise the challenge to any one who is interested! I, however, have no plans to relive this experience any time soon, as I’m not sure my knees would ever forgive me!!

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