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itslearning Release 81 and 82

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New task tool

The tool previously known as ‘Custom activity’ has been simplified and renamed to ‘Task.’ It’s a quick way of adding tasks that are not meant to be handed in. For hand-ins we recommend the assignment tool. Tasks consists of a title, description and a deadline and is available from the add page. In the new itslearning it’s also available from the new add menu (see ‘New quick add menu in courses’ below).

Introducing homework

When you add a task or assignment with the new task tool or the new assignment tool, you can now tag the activities as homework. When the tasks and assignments appear in the students’ home page and in the planner, it will have an easily recognisable ‘Homework’ label.

New quick add menu in courses

Users that have the new itslearning will now see a new quick add menu in courses that allows for easy adding of tasks, assignments, tests, files and plans. The quick add menu is available from all pages in the course, and reduces the number of clicks needed to add resources to courses.

New plan view for students

Previously, the different plan activities and resources could appear confusing for students. We’re now introducing a new plan view that makes it easier for students to focus on the plan content. The activities and resources now open as a sequence, and the students can easily navigate from one resource to the next.

Searching in instant messages

To make it easier to find specific messages, we’ve now introduced a search function in the instant messages. You can search for text or find messages from specific people. Filters provide easy access to unread messages, sent messages, or messages with attachments. You can also search in a specific conversation. The search is available from ‘All messages.’

Enhancements to the new assignment tool

Those of you who are using the new assignment tool will see that the side panel has been updated to make it easier to set deadlines and visibility timespans. Students that haven’t submitted are now included in the ‘Answers’ overview.

Add content from the Library to a course or a course plan

Teachers can now search for resources in the Library and then add selected resources to course or a plan in a course. The current ‘Add to Your collection’ button is now expanded with a drop-down menu with three choices: ‘Add to course,’ ‘Add to a course plan’ and ‘Add to your collection.’

Copying of extensions

Previously when you copied an extension it would automatically be moved to the library as an unpublished resource. Extensions are no longer moved to the library when they are copied.

Changes to the library search

We’ve made several changes to the Library search engine to provide even more relevant search results.

New file uploader

Those of you who are using the new File and folder tool will notice a new file uploader with an improved interface and better flow.

New report: Trends and progress

A new trends and progress report is available from the assessment record. This visual representation shows:

  • Trend in grades over time: Is this student improving, struggling?
  • Distribution of grades: Is this student performing consistently or erratically?
  • Progress on tasks: What progress towards completing the course do these grades represent?

Go directly from the library to a course or plan

After adding a resource to a course or a plan, you can now click a link to go directly to that plan or course.


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