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Jan 12, 20231 min read

How to engage your students in the new year

After the holidays, it is time to return to school and begin the new year. Some children ...
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Oct 25, 20223 min read

Planning teaching in practice

At Bremnes ungdomsskule, the decision has been made to plan lessons in itslearning. We ...
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Oct 24, 20224 min read

How did a new LMS drive pedagogical transformation at the University of Southern Denmark?

Sara Kvist, Specialist Consultant in Educational Development and eLearning at the ...
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Nov 15, 20215 min read

What is holistic learning and what impact can it have on students?

Many educational organizations are realizing that students need more than just a strong ...
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Sep 19, 20214 min read

What kind of technology can be used to support the learning process at universities?

In today’s world, the need to provide blended and remote learning study options for ...
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Sep 8, 20214 min read

Tips for blended learning in higher education - the Stockholm University experience

Just one month after fully implementing itslearning, Stockholm University switched to ...
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Aug 9, 20215 min read

4 tips to help uphold academic integrity in your classrooms

School is starting again for the 2021-2022 academic year. The start of the year is the ...
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Apr 12, 20217 min read

The future of education: remote and hybrid learning

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Feb 17, 20214 min read

Online Learning Tips & Tricks

My name is Angela Burgess. I am a French teacher turned Instructional Technology ...
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