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Back to School 2019

See how itslearning helps teachers & students.

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Best LMS 2019

itslearning wins 2019 Best Learning Management System Award from EdTech Digest

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itslearning LMS Mobile App

Anywhere. Anytime. Any Device.

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Leading the way

How technology is powering education in Norway and Finland.

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Google for Education

Best Google Integration of any K-12 LMS

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Role-Based Experiences

What can itslearning LMS do for me?

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Students. Teachers. Parents. District leaders. Everyone in education relies on connections. A student asks a teacher about tonight’s Biology assignment. A curriculum director shares a new Language Arts curriculum with teachers across the district. A teacher seeks fresh resources for a lesson on ancient history. A parent and child have a meaningful dinner time conversation about the school day. For more, click on Student, Parents, Teachers, or Education Leaders for a demo.

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See how itslearning K-12 LMS improves teaching and learning by enabling those all-important connections. Select one of the four tabs, then click on the image or play button for a walkthrough.

itslearning for Students

Soccer practice or Math homework? Meeting friends after school or getting some much-needed extra help in World History? Your day is pretty hectic, but there’s help. See your school assignments on your phone. Communicate with teachers and classmates instantly. Complete your work anywhere, at anytime, in all sorts of fun ways. It’s called itslearning.

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Student Demo

Get an overview of recent tasks and activities, submit assignments, and instantly communicate with teachers and classmates. Click on the image or play button above for a walkthrough.

itslearning for Parents

Parents play a vital role in their children’s education. Yet often their only formal checkpoints come from infrequent status reports or twice-a-year teacher conferences. But, when parents are connected to their kids’ education – by seeing lessons, plans, assessments – they can engage, question, challenge, not only at a few milestones, but all the time. (Your kids will love that.)

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Parent Demo

See how itslearning lets parents stay in the know with a full overview of student activity, including curriculum mastery, tasks, and grades. Click on the image or play button above for a walkthrough.

itslearning for Teachers

Many teachers lament the lack of time they have for real teaching due to time-consuming administrative routines, managing multiple logins, and navigating numerous data silos. Technology can help, but many teachers are understandably hesitant based on poor experiences or concern about putting their own digital literacy on display in front of a class of tech-savvy students. itslearning helps teachers recoup time by providing a load of excellent learning resources, expert support, and an incredibly intuitive user experience so they can confidently jump into the digital world with both feet.

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Teacher Demo

It’s not always easy to provide personalized learning and stick to the curriculum. But it is with itslearning. Search for district-provided content, embed external resources, create your own, or repurpose content created from a fellow teacher. Directly communicate with one student, or with everyone in your class. Check out how itslearning can make creating an assignment fun in this demo. Click on the image or play button above to get started.

itslearning for Education Leaders

How are our students doing? Is my district on track? Are there specific topics where learning is not meeting benchmarks? Are our teachers embracing our new curriculum?  With itslearning, school and district leaders can get the actionable information they need to guide their decisions. See how well learning objectives are being met. Understand curriculum adoption. Choose from a broad set of pre-created reports or craft your own.

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Education Leaders Demo

Immediate, actionable insight is a key need for school leaders. Holistic, customizable reports are the answer. Monitor school performance, understand how well new curricula are being adopted, and much more. Discover how itslearning gives you the insight you need. Click on the image or play button above for a walkthrough.

Our Most Popular LMS Features

Discover how itslearning LMS saves time for administrators, streamlines workflow for teachers, and personalizes instruction for students.

Curriculum and Content Management Connect all your activities with standards and learning objectives

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Reporting and Analytics Track everything, and easily apply data to specific priorities and practices

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Personalized instruction Facilitate student voice and choice and help individual students towards mastery

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Communicate and Collaborate Ensure learning after the bell rings and strengthen school community ties

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Integrate with...Everything Connect us with your favorite software, tools and content providers

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itslearning LMS Testimonials

itslearning allows students to take control of their learning and be engaged while doing so, and it supports universal design for learning goals.

Mike Jamerson Director of Technology

itslearning LMS in Bartholomew Schools

Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation in Columbus, Ind., was juggling numerous LMS across grades K-12. See more. 

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